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May 2012 winnings

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May 2012 winnings

Postby eoinzy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:44 am

Out of curiosity, I thought I'd check how much lottery money would have been won in May between the Irish lotto and the euromillion draw, based on the numbers this app displayed.

First I checked the euromillions results, and counted up the money won by these numbers. The total was a decent enough 24 euro, with another 4 euro won tonight (1st June). Considering each line is 2 euro, thats not a bad return!

Then I went on to check the Irish lotto results. It came back with a few hits too. I counted them up and solely for the month of May, it returned a total of 47 euro!! It also told me that there was another 24 euro won in one single draw a couple of months ago too. Not bad.

So thats it, for the month of May, the combined total of both draws is: 71 euro! 8-)

This app may not get you rich, but that sort of money builds up!

Good Luck!
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